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  "The highest form of knowledge is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another's world."


What?      “The wish for world peace”


Where?      Planet Earth

Who?         For all that would like and are able to.


It’s enough simply to wish for peace across the whole Earth once

daily for everyone, without distinction, but preferably before bed. The

length of time doesn’t matter, but the more, the better. If you are a

believer, then you can use it at the start of your daily practice. If you

don’t believe in such a thing, express yourself actively; maybe it will

help. In any case, try to read this entire website to give yourself the

knowledge you need. 

   Although it looks simple and naive - do almost

nothing - it is also part of a 25-year-long scientific experiment at Princeton

University. Everyone can see a possible result in the news day or week

after the event (for example, about the end of military conflicts). Also,

here on the pages, it will be possible to see figures from crime statistics

from different cities from different parts of the world.

More info is below.


If you are even somewhat interested in world news, you will surely

know war has raged in Europe for over a year. It’s a war where rockets

and artillery are used, a war where more than 100,000 people have

died. Many children have lost their parents, especially fathers, on both

sides of the battle.

It’s a war where the country that took the “first step” to an open conflict

claims it is only a “Special Operation.” But the worst thing is that, thanks

to the rhetoric of Russian politicians about the possible use of nuclear

weapons, this war could have a truly global impact.

Any war can have completely different, hidden effects. This can

create a domino effect, which can happen when the leaders of other

countries make decisions as an excuse for a new conflict. “After all, if

they did it this way, surely we can do it too and deal with a possible

future enemy.” This is about possible future conflicts that can instantly

turn into global ones.


Of course, these are not the only conflicts. Above is a likn of the

website, Human Vision, where you can look at all ongoing, unfinished

conflicts around the world. In total, there are about 62 cases. On this website,

however, you can also find the Global Peace Index or the

Global Terrorist Index for each country separately.

There is It is particularly worth mentioning the conflict in Yemen, which started

due to the presidential elections, where a huge number of children are dying of

hunger simply because humanitarian aid cannot reach them.

In the end, one very important aspect is more or less psychological:

dealing with a child’s life trauma from the loss of a parent

at an early age. More specifically, it is a complex that more or less

suffered from these men - the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible, Genghis

Khan - conquered the largest territory in history, Friedrich

Nietzsche - representative of Existentialism (philosophical direction of

the Nazis, which, among other things, denies the existence of God) but

also Muhammad.

     The father of three of these influential figures was killed in a violent

death. This can only prove an internal reflection on the violent

rearrangement of the world, where the result is the certainty that

something similar could not happen to them, their descendants, or their

village. This creates a long-term and generational challenge.

More About the Arrangement 

Mainly due to the war in Ukraine, everything is becoming more

expensive, and the governments of individual states have to spend

more and more money on producing and developing weapons.

However, there is another way. It has, or can have, an effect on the fact

that all of this doesn’t have to happen. This is the opposite action. It is

an action for peace, and it should be dynamic, especially in terms of the

number of participants.

In essence, as will be described and explained below, every day,

each person on Earth will experience the deepest possible sense of

relaxation – and that is sleep. Everything that is experienced during the

day is learned and evaluated at night, and solutions are sought.

Moreover, during these times, it seems that information could be

transferred, especially for those who are not ego-oriented.

In a little more detail, during the day, it’s good to think at least once

about what will happen during your sleep. The most important time for

this is right before going to sleep. Most of all, we should wish for peace

for everyone so that little children and their parents do not die.


A more advanced variant of "the wish" is to kindly ask a specific well-known

person responsible for a specific military conflict to stop the senseless

killing. This is a good option to wish for, as it works during your sleep. It

passes on during the night.

If you are a believer and you pray, you can directly ask God for it in

prayer. If you meditate, you can include it at the beginning or the end (or

both) of your meditation. The depth of your imagination truly has no

limits here!

The idea of planting seeds of peace and the subsequent harvest of

satisfied people can be excellent, and it certainly works for small

children. One of those healthy and satisfied people, in the future, may

well be someone reading this, too.

And what does science have to do with this? It’s all connected.


The positive thing is that there is certainly evidence for this event, and it

is not negligible. Technologies based on the principle of randomness

are used here. French researcher René Peoc'h used a robot and a chick,

which, as we know, must follow a hen - its mother.

The robot used random movements in a limited space, so

these movements were plotted simultaneously. Behind the low barrier

was a box with a window in which a young chick was placed. The result

of the 1st experiment with an empty box was that the robot moved

evenly in the enclosed space. The 2nd attempt was with a chick in a box

that looked at the robot. The robot generated and performed the vast

majority of movements directly around the box with the chick. The

chick’s information about the need to follow its mother was captured by

the robot’s random motion generator. More information can be found



The Global Consciousness Project

Following a similar principle, Dr. Rodger Nelson based his research

(the Global Consciousness Project) using random number generators.

He and his team deployed several of these generators around

the world and evaluated their results. He found that many global events like

the celebrations of the New Year in 2000 and the terrorist attack on the

WTC in New York generated stronger signals and disturbance. The

opposite was recorded on World Tai Chi & Qigong Day in 2000. Thanks

to people who practiced Tai Chi worldwide (also called meditation in

motion), on that day, the curve recorded the lowest level up until that

time. What’s even more interesting is that, in the big city where it was

practiced, crime also decreased. That’s a strong argument. Interestingly,

since the beginning of the research, this average curve constantly grew,

becoming stronger probably due to population growth.

So even this planned event will be a part of this project, which can be called a social experiment. The result could be a suspension of senseless dying.


The video describes what could happen in the next few years after the use of 100 nuclear weapons. Nowadays, most nuclear missiles are one meter long and fighter jets are used as carriers.

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