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An opportunity for volunteers

For several months, I have been reaching volunteers through various websites and contacting peace organizations or universities focused on peace and diplomacy. No one has written yet. Since I am not a registered organization in the US or UK,.. there is a problem here. For this reason, I also put positions on the site for various possible helpers - volunteers. Later, a book should also be added to the site - part of the biography, how I got here.

So, here are the opportunities:

- Co-founder of NGO called Wish for World Peace - WFWP at the UN. A native English-speaking professional with a university education is preferred, but it is not a condition. (I have a problem expressing myself verbally, even in my native language, but also dealing with more professional expressions).

- co-ordinator of the project on social networks - something like marketing management, but no sales - just reaching out to people to spread information about the project. There is also a task - reasonable timing of the event. This job and the previous point can be 1 person).

- translators to other world languages - translations of videos (subtitles on YouTube), text content on social networks, and this website into other world languages.

- professional website builder

- anyone with good ideas to create a video, a motto... But also how to praise other influencers or celebrities - perhaps the pinnacle of effort and success. For example, a week or two before the event itself. I can't imagine that such names as Keanu Reeves, Morgan Freeman, or the singer from Foo Fighters Dave Grohl and Lady Gaga,... would record something about the event and publish it on Instagram, Youtube, and FB.,...

Thank you for any help.

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